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Diablo 3 Gold

 ultima gold news A Thank You2012-07-11
The GamerStock team would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and returning members to the newest of the GamerStock stores, Diablo3stock. At Diablo3stock, customer service is a #1 priority and we strive to ensure our customers have the easiest, fastest, and safest shopping experience possible. As D3 players ourselves, and being a staple in many MMOs for over 12 years, we believe the player should have the option of not having to buy from some shady gold farm that spams your game nonstop using hacked accounts. This is why wed like to thank you, our loyal customers, for helping already establish us as one of the, if not the, most legitimate places to buy d3 gold and items. A fact known throughout the community.

So rest assured that when you shop here, you will continue to not only get the best service available but you will also get the best prices guarenteed, including the ability to price match with us so you dont ever have to risk buying from less scrupulous sellers strictly because theyre flooding the market with cheap gold. You will also have access to purchase items that arent offered anywhere but on diablo3stock; full sets, a complete catalogue of blacksmith plans, gems, and the most sought after legendaries. We are also pleased to announce that our members will soon be able to purchase customized suits built to THEIR preference, which we hope to have launched within the next week. And as with all the GamerStock stores, we offer a 10% store credit bonus on all orders for our members AND a 5% discount off the checkout price. Members also have the ability to profit greatly off referring friends, getting 10% in store credit of all sales a referral EVER does with us. So make sure you become a member and start reaping the benefits others already are.

Our team is here to serve you and wed be glad to promptly answer any inquiries or questions you may have. Also, any ideas or things you may like to see the site provide is always greatly appreciated.

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 uogold news The Best Diablo 3 Gold Price - Guaranteed!2012-06-03
 uogold news Our Diablo 3 Gold is Now For Sale!2012-05-24
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